We'll discuss shredded metal, smoldering circuits and whatever else seems interesting.  My target audience is . . . me!  If you're not me and you're here anyway, I hope you enjoy the site.  Feel free to leave me feedback.

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Metal Schnitzel

This site is the collective ramblings of a person with many varied interests.  It's specifically not about work-related stuff because there are better venues for that.  The things I do for a living are my main passion, but thankfully life gives us many more avenues for advancement and learning.

In this project, we open up a cavity duplexer from a Sprint / Nextel iDEN cellular repeater.  We see the interior where all the black magic happens, attempt a repair and reassemble it against all odds of success.

One of the important components of my GPS-disciplined oscillator project is the signal distribution board.  The oscillator sends its pure signal through an isolation / buffer amplifier, then through an RF splitter.  The splitter sends one copy of the signal to the digital control circuits and another copy to the distribution board.