This site is the collective ramblings of a person with many varied interests.  It's specifically not about work-related stuff because there are better venues for that.  The things I do for a living are my main passion, but thankfully life gives us many more avenues for advancement and learning.

The author is a professional Database Architect, Designer and Administrator who specializes in Microsoft SQL Server.  My interests span both data warehousing and online transaction processing, but tend toward facilitating business analytics.  I have been working with SQL for around 17 years.  Prior to that, I worked some with FoxPro, Access, dBASE, Magic PC, Paradox and others, but my favorite database engines were the ones I designed and wrote myself.

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I've had a lifelong interest in electronics, originally stemming from a curiosity about digital logic.  While in high school, I designed and built my first computer; a crude machine based on an Intel 8080 processor with 8K ROM and 1K static RAM.  The display was four 7-segment digits and the input was a hexadecimal keyboard I built with parts scavenged from desk calculators.  The first computer that was ever brought in to my high school was my Atari 800 that I used to demonstrate 3D function rendering to my math class.  I was really on my own there with no mentors or resources.

That later progressed into an interest in microcontrollers and other digital circuits.  I've done projects with Basic Stamps, a variety of Arduino forms, Teensy, Fez Panda, Raspberry Pi and 4DSystems.

I am an FCC-licensed amateur radio operator (Extra class), a volunteer examiner accredited by both ARRL and W5YI, an instructor and an experimenter.  My interest in radio operations is currently fueling my prior interest in electronics.  The world of RF is relatively new to me and the learning opportunities are incredibly abundant!  Of course, the urge to combine digital electronics with RF is irresistible.

My site name, "Metal Schnitzel" refers to my other passion of hobby metal working.  It started with welding and fabrication and over the years has evolved by circumstances into machining.  The ability to turn raw steel, aluminum, brass, titanium and even plastics into well-made useful items is a reward in itself.  Often, the metalworking hobby converges with the electronics to result in some interesting projects.

Above all else, I most enjoy A) learning and B) applying what I've learned.  From that, I have an unquenchable drive to build useful stuff.  That reflects directly in my work and in my hobbies.  And now you know what makes me tick!

Born To Build