Measuring things is fun!  This article is about the components of the UHF repeater that was recently donated to the Wilson County Amateur Radio Club.

First, let's take a look at the duplexer.  It is currently tuned for a receive frequency of 466.800 MHz and a transmit frequency of 461.800 MHz.  If you're familiar with duplexer theory, feel free to move on to the measurements.  Meanwhile, I'll offer a quick explanation:

Thanks to a generous donation from W5JTT, the Wilson County Amateur Radio Club now has a UHF repeater!  It is a high quality EF Johnson commercial machine and needs a little TLC before it goes on the air.

This circuit will buffer the OCXO's output and feed it through a power divider so it can go both to the final output distribution board and the phase-locked loop controls.  It's a low noise circuit that will compensate for power divider losses and isolate the oscillator from downstream noise.

I'm experimenting with circuits designed by KO4BB and adapting them to my needs.