This is a little experiment at building a circuit that seems easy, but may not actually be that simple.  I needed 0° power splitter for my 10 MHz precision frequency standard project.  I picked up a Minicircuits ZFSC-2-1 on eBay which solved my immediate need, but the allure of experimentation is too strong to resist!

Yesterday (8/28/14), I did a lot of testing on the repeater's power supply.  It works!  And in my usual style, I have lots of data:

I had a little time to open up the power amplifier today and snapped a couple of pictures.

Measuring things is fun, but measuring MORE things is a lot of fun!  This article is about the electrical characterization of the receive preamplifier that is part of the UHF repeater recently donated to the Wilson County Amateur Radio Club.

The preamp compensates for the unavoidable losses in the duplex filter and enables the receiver to hear better.

This unit was manufactured by Lunar Industries of San Diego, CA.  I can't find any technical data on it, but that's unimportant for now.  Let's put it on the test bench and find out what we have.